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About Rajasthan Pharmacy Council

Rajasthan Pharmacy Council is a statutory body constituted under the Pharmacy Act 1948 (central act). It was first constituted in the year 1978. It regulates the profession and practice of pharmacy in the state of Rajasthan.

For almost 25 years the council was run from rented premises. The State Government in the year 2003 allotted a piece of land on the prime location, Sardar Patel Marg and now the council has its own building and a guest house with all modern amenities and a well planned conference hall.

All the records and the work of the council have been computerized and information can be retrieved immediately.

With the new web portal of the Rajasthan Pharmacy Council, it is now possible to collect desired information and submit applications for registration and renewal on-line etc.

The council is serious about providing pharmaceutical care to the public and for this purpose has initiated continuous education programme for pharmacists. This programme is organized from time to time for pharmacists in different parts of the State.

Besides, the council consistently educates the public about need to purchase medicines from pharmacist only who should always be present at all the licensed medical shops.

For this purpose, the council, in association with the regulatory bodies, makes efforts to ensure presence of pharmacist at retail medical shops and issues warning or punishes pharmacists who are not found present in the medical shops.

The purpose of this effort is to make available the knowledge and services of pharmacists to the patient for better compliance of the treatment given by the physician. Awareness about the role of pharmacists in the health team is also spread its active participation in various events. 

The council is seriously considering for providing some assistance to needy pharmacists in case of any mishap/death and is working on feasibility of forming a Pharmacist Welfare Trust for this purpose.